It seems like there are a lot of "middle men" involved. The communication between the customer and all involved parties is sometimes lost or poorly communicated. The person giving the estimate did not cover options or suggestions such as removal of quarter round for floor refinishing or suggest staining in a more "up-to-date" color. Once this was brought up by the project manager? I was out of the house and out of town - would have been much easier to go over in person. The measurements for the carpet were somehow wrong, delaying the install. The installers took keys and garage door openers home rather than leaving them as had been discussed with others. Things like outlet covers and shelves were not returned to the proper place nor was I told that they would not be, so another delay in having to get people to fix those issues. In the end, the job was done well, but it was a bit of a headache to get there.
Anne Nicholson
Worked within our schedule and budget and did a fantastic job!
Roberta Schwartz
The floors look great and they finished the job in a timely fashion
Geri Ball
they sais they could remodel my bathroom. Said they would straighten walls, remove and replace all tile. Couldn't do it. They did half of the job they bid, wanted all of the money. Poor communication. Left trash on porch, saying they would returm and remove. Didn't happen. These guys are not great.
Michael Wurth
Job completed on time and in budget,
Rod Willis
We started off with me pushing the install by several weeks. Jeff was very accommodating. The day came for the install & everyone was late, due to rain, which was just weird. It was an interior install. The installer put left over planks in a closet 8 couldn’t open because the door wasn’t shaved down. Not sure how he got the door closed unless he just re-hung it on the hinges, knowing it wouldn’t close. I guess he expected me to haul it out & out in out on trash day. He also removed some trim said he would reinstall then forgot...he did come back to reinstall. Didn’t do such a hot job. The brand new trim is now cracked. There were several left over spacers they didn’t remove. The transition piece at the top of the stairs on the carpet wasn’t installed correctly. He’s due back tomorrow to do it correctly. I probably sound petty, but I paid a lot of money for this install & I expected it to be completed correctly. I shouldn’t have had to call for the installers to return to fix things that should have been taken care of before they ever left. Thanks, Michelle
Michelle Wisdom
Good product, good price, great people. What else is there to say?? Love my new floor!!!!
Joan Norman
All the individuals I talked with were very polite and informative and really cared that my job was done well. The installers and the painter all did excellent work and were very efficient and cleaned very well. Thank you!
Becky Hanna
Service and a Product are 5 STAR
Nita Criswell
Everything was great from start to finish.
Kecia Robinson