Everything went well with my installation and I'm very happy with the finished product. I will , and have, recommended your company and employees. Thanks!
Kadan Linda
The work was good but I’ve got to admit, the SELL was phenomenal. I was expecting much more than was delivered. I was told that all the molding would be replaced and painted (some was) and that things like creaks in the floor would be fixed (some were). Said owner would do a personal walk thru before and after. The “after” happened but that was more about grabbing final payment. So solid work, solid product, but the sales guy had my expectations so high - I was a little disappointed. Not sure how to feel about that.
Julie Tozier
The workers was good,but after said in done I showed the power a couple that the guys didn't fix. Now that he got his money we got a little scratch on it and I called him and all he did was to tell how to get it out. I even gave him 2 reference after it was done cause a couple of people asked me who I went through.
Christa Allen
There were too many ‘cooks in the kitchen’ on our bathroom remodel project, which caused issues with communication and problems. I initially met with Jeff who documented all of my preferences (tile preferences, remodel thoughts and ideas), and we had a long conversation about what I’d like for our bathroom remodel. I spoke at length about wanting to keep the subway tile on walls and penny tile in flooring, and a different tile for the floor in the shower. He agreed to document what I wanted and asked me to go look at the tile store to confirm choices. Jeff charged me for the tile ahead of time based on an estimate he gave given the choices I wanted. He said the tiling charge would be adjusted up or down depending on how much it would actually cost, and he would provide me with the costs once we decided on our order. However, once I decided to go with this company, Jeff stepped out and Ryan took over, so what that meant was that the person who initially heard all of our wants and desires for the remodel was no longer in the picture. I had to trust that Jeff would pass along all of our conversation to whoever would be taking over. Ryan communicated very little just a few texts here and there and a phone call until the project started. He asked for my tiling choices over text. I made a mistake and when I texted him our tile preferences I flip flopped the shower floor tile preference with the bathroom floor tile preference. Jeff was aware of what tiling we were wanting and made the estimate based on that, but he was no longer in the picture so he wouldn’t have caught my mistake or thought to question my text. Then Alex the project manager comes in the picture. He arrives at our house with the crew the night before the project begins. We discussed my tiling preferences again that evening. I had all of the tile samples that I wanted to use (I was unaware that I had mistyped my tile order at this point), and showed him and the crew what tile I would like to go where. I asked him to verify that the tile was ordered correctly and we were food to go. He said he would as he thought Ryan had already taken care of it. Well, Alex didn’t catch my mistake and that would have been the perfect time to catch it as I asked him to verify the order based on the samples I showed him and explanation I gave on what tile I wanted to go where. He should have noticed the discrepancy on what I was sharing with him and showing him to what was actually ordered. He didn’t. The crew started the next day and they were great. Hard working and efficient. Neat and polite. They are the silver lining in this whole thing. Great guys! We didn’t really hear from Alex after the crew started, so I’m not sure what his role was after that. It would have been helpful if, as the project manager, he would have communicated with us each day on what the crew had planned to do and verified with us what was going to take place ensuring how we felt and how things were going each step. Even if it was just over phone or text. Fast forward to the floor day. I was at work so unable to monitor crew. However, I get home from work and finally notice the tiling mixup. What I had wanted as the shower floor tile was on the bathroom floor and vice versa. I own my mistake in mistyping on the text, but I am so disheartened that no one else along the way caught my mistake as I had conversations with multiple people as to what I wanted the tiling to be. Ryan agreed to change to what I wanted, but at the cost of us. We had to pay for nearly the entire mistake. We paid for the wrong tiling and was going to get charged for the entire labor until he adjusted to us paying for 50% of labor. I understand that my text typo was the start of the chain but there were so many times for others to notice the discrepancy and they didn’t, and end the end we paid the price. If there weren’t so many cooks in the kitchen I am truly in belief this would have been caught. Once the job was mostly complete the crew told me Alex would address the finishing touches. I never heard from him and reached out to Ryan to see when it would happen. It did happen today. He also showed up with the bill that was more than the cost estimate.It would have been nice to see the final bill before he showed us up asking for payment, as Jeff said we would see the amount the tiling actually cost. We never have seen how much the tiling did in fact cost, so I’m not sure if I am being over charged for the materials or not. It would have also been nice to see the bill ahead of time so we could have verified how much the tile costs actually were before paying. I asked Ryan to send a receipt of the tile costs, and hope he does as I am not sure if we were overcharged for that or not. All in all. The crew was great and Jeff was wonderful, but the communication and all of the other players involved left a bad taste in my mouth.
Rachel Bond
The carpet is very nice and the team who did our installation was very professional and did a really great job there's nothing I would say that is a negative about this company
Jessica & Justin Koegler
Great service from start to finish. Installers were professional, respectful and trustworthy. Installation was of a high standard as well as the project management. They met scheduled times and the follow through was excellent. I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking for flooring.
Brandon Custer
Quality materials used. Fimished product color is a perfect match to other woodwork in the home.
Diane Meek
First I was quoted a certain price. Then when I was billed which wasn’t show to me till well after the work was completed, I was upchargwd almost 300 dollars more. Second the work done was unprofessional to say the least. The tack strip is coming off the stairs and was never put back on properly. The carpenters ran the roll of carpet along my door frame removing the finish from it and lastly one of the installers told me I was the wrong color of skin to be in a roofing business. Never in my life would I have ever agreed to have this shitty of work done by an unprofessional group. They are racist and fool you from the beginning. If you want to get better I suggest letting the gentleman go who was blaitently racist in my house in front of my wife and kids and I would suggest giving a per item and install price before you up charge almost 300 dollars on a set of 6 steps and some carpet. I’ve had other quotes that range at 500 dollars most for carpet of this caliber and with install where I was charged over 800 dollars. This company is a joke.
Luke Lucas
The product is great and the workers who put the floors in were very good!
Mickie Keeling
They did a good job.
Tom Rands