Service and a Product are 5 STAR
Nita Criswell
Everything was great from start to finish.
Kecia Robinson
We absolutely like everything, The gentlemen who did the hardwood floors, were very nice, and once they got used to us, they were very fun. The guys who put in the carpet, so much fun, so nice, and were a joy to have them here. Reggie and Jeff, OUTSTANDING. Such great individuals. Worked very hard to help us get the best job possible. Jeff was always here to make sure a good job was being done. We so enjoyed talking to both of them. Went the extra mile. We would recommend your company to anyone!!!!
Peggy Heldstab
I liked the simplicity and construction without loud noise. In my case color was important. The color is excellent as well as the transition pieces.
Robert Pryzby
I like Ryan. He is on top of everything. He has excellent customer service. And his employees do a nice job
Molly Fisher
Communicate up front that you use a third party installer, we were not aware of that and really makes you no different than any other carpet place. The third party installer was several hours late compared to the window originally communicated. The third party contacted me about being late which was confusing considering I was unaware it was going to be a third party installer.
Rob Thompson
The price for installation was high for the quality of the work. The installation wasn’t bad but for the price I would have expected more care to be taken during installation.
Matt Peddie
Your men ran out of grout and spread the grout on kitchen floor to thin. The wood floors, carpet and the bathrooms look wonderful but the kitchen looks just like he said (then denied) skimped on the grout and after it dried was going to add more on top and you know that won’t work......I am spending $25.000.00 with your company and your tile man volunteered the info about skimping on the grout, I didn’t ask him, he volunteered the info. But since I don’t think the right hand knows what the left hand is doing at your company I probably won’t hear from would you recommend YOUR COMPANY? This has been a big issue today with your crew leaving this afternoon and they never even offered to move my kitchen table from my living room back to the kitchen for me. So I guess it’ll sit here as reminder of my stupid decision to do business with your company until someone comes by my house and can help me move it.
Linda Weber
The services we received did not meet our expectations based on what the salesman said would happen. We watched a promotional video showing how their installers moved all of the furniture, painted the floor trim, and put the room back together and clean up after their mess at the end of the process. The salesman said they would apply Kilz to our subfloor to eliminate any residual odor and bacteria. The salesman also said we would be able to give a final approval on everything before the job was finished. Our floor trim was never painted even though we bought paint for it- a primed version was installed. Kilz was never applied. After our hardwood install was completed, tiling work began in the same area (the contractor scheduled them in this order). After the tilers left, the new hardwoods were covered in dust and our furniture was still scattered in other rooms. I asked the contractor if their crew would clean the floors and move the furniture back. He said no to the cleaning and that he could “maybe” get someone to come back to move the furniture. I declined because I was fed up with the lack of customer service at that point. Further, while the tiling work was going, I noticed that a section of the hardwoods had started cupping, even though my husband and I never saw any water spills. The company is claiming that it couldn’t have been their fault and are trying to refuse to fix them. We are incredibly disappointed with the process. We hired a “big” company because of their warranty, and now they won’t even fix a problem before we’ve signed off on the project’s completion. All of that said, my husband and I were very impressed by the tiling crew. They worked hard, cleaned up after their work, and were very courteous. My rating of “7” is generous and it is only because we are pleased with our tiling work and, for the most part, the hardwoods. The customer service was seriously lacking.
Chelsea Templeton
Expert work-floors look amazing! Workers are punctual-thorough. Great price point.
Becky Emley