Wood-look tile Lenexa Hardwood alternatives took center stage in 2017 as a top pick amongst local homeowners. Wood-look tile is one type of hardwood alternative that more and more Lenexa homeowners are choosing over real hardwood because it is so durable and water resistant. Below, the experts at Floor Coverings International Kansas City West have created a guide to this wonderful wood alternative to help you determine if it is right for your Lenexa home.

What is Wood-Look Tile?

Wood-look tile is made from ceramic or porcelain, but unlike traditional tile it comes in plank shapes and is made to look like hardwood. These plank tiles are installed with grout and mortar like regular tile, but some planks can be installed in a way that hides the grout lines, allowing the tile floor to truly look like hardwood. Wood-look tile comes in a variety of hardwood looks, and each tile is imprinted with a realistic hardwood grain texture.

Wood-Grain Tile Water Resistance

This hardwood lookalike is popular amongst homeowners because it is far more water resistant than real hardwood. Solid hardwood flooring is prone to warping or staining from moisture, making it unsuitable for bathrooms, basements, and particularly humid regions.

Wood-look tile, on the other hand, will not stain, warp, expand, or contract from excessive water. Just like regular ceramic or porcelain flooring, this type of tile is suitable for moisture-prone rooms and environments. This means that homeowners can get the hardwood look in any room of their home. Families with messy kids and pets opt for wood-look tile because they know accidents and spills won’t destroy this beautiful flooring.

Wood Tile DurabilityWood-look tile lenexa

Another advantage wood-grain tile has over real hardwood is its density. Many popular types of hardwood are prone to dents and surface scratches over time. This could especially be an issue for high traffic areas in the home, or for owners of large, rambunctious pets. Thankfully, wood-look tile is a very scratch resistant alternative to hardwood. With wood-look tile, homeowners won’t have to worry about these floors incurring damage from high-heeled shoes, dropped dishes, or pet nails.

Maintaining a Wood Look Tile Floor

Wood-look tile is very low maintenance and easy to clean. A regular sweeping and occasional mopping is all that’s needed to keep this kind of floor in tip-top shape. Unlike with hardwood, special cleaners are not required on ceramic or porcelain wood tile, and these tiles won’t need to be refinished during their lifetime.

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Wood-look tile has grown in popularity for many good reasons. If you think this flooring material could be a solution for your Lenexa home, contact Floor Coverings International Kansas City West today to schedule your free, in-home design consultation. We proudly serve Overland Park, Shawnee, Lenexa, Prairie Village and surrounding areas.

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