mahogany hardwood flooring in Shawnee homeMahogany is a prized exotic hardwood commonly used in furniture, boats, musical instruments, and flooring. It is valued for its dark reddish brown coloring and its incredible hardness. Read on to learn more from the experts at Floor Coverings International Kansas City West and see if this beautiful flooring option is right for your Shawnee home.

About Mahogany

Genuine mahogany species—as defined by taxonomists—belong to the genus named Swietenia, which is part of the family called Meliaceae. These species grow in three areas: Honduras, Cuba, and limited areas within Pacific Central America. However, within the lumber industry, the term “mahogany” refers to both genuine species as well as other species with similar qualities and color variations. These other species come from a wide range of locations including Central and South America, Africa, Asia, and New Zealand.

Within the flooring industry, Santos Mahogany is the most popular mahogany product. Though it is not one of the genuine species, Santos Mahogany is highly desired for flooring because of its rich, deep hues and impressive hardness. In fact, it is the second most popular exotic hardwood, following Brazilian cherry.

mahogany flooring sample in ShawneeAppearance and Durability

In general, mahogany has a dark reddish brown coloring with moderate variations ranging from medium brownish orange to dark brown. Its coloring will become darker over time as it is exposed to sunlight, but it should reach a final color after about three months. Its grain pattern is subtle and wavy with an even texture.

Santos Mahogany has a Janka hardness of 2200, which is significantly harder than domestic hardwood species. This makes it more difficult to install, since carbide tools must be used for sawing and machining. However, once installed, this hardwood is an excellent choice for high traffic areas. In addition to its hardness, mahogany also resists rot, making it a good choice for kitchens and other areas with water usage. However, we still recommend drying spills quickly rather than letting water sit on the surface.

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