Overland Park Birch HardwoodThere are tons of different hardwood species to pick from that will look great in your Overland Park home. Don’t let the many different options overwhelm you! Our design associates make the process easy with a free design consultation where they help you select the best flooring for your unique home. If you’re thinking about installing new hardwood, consider birch. The experts at Floor Coverings International Kansas City West share everything you need to know about this hardwood species below.

Types of Birch

There are several different types of birch available, all with their own unique characteristics. The three most popular types are paper, yellow, and sweet birch.

  • Paper Birch: This is the softest of the three, ranking at 910 on the Janka hardness scale. We recommend using this in low traffic areas of the home.
  • Yellow Birch: This is the most common type of birch found in Overland Park homes. It has a 1260 Janka hardness rating, meaning it will hold up well to wear and tear without feeling too hard.
  • Sweet Birch: This is the hardest of the three, with a rating of 1470.

Overland Park Birch HardwoodColor

Homeowners love the color variation of birch. Wood can be taken from the heartwood or the sapwood of the tree, which gives us this variation. Wood from the heartwood is darker with red undertones, while wood from the sapwood is lighter with yellow undertones. The combination of these two creates a beautiful, varied look. However, some homeowners do opt to just install wood from either the heartwood or sapwood.


One of the great things about birch is that it is pretty easy to maintain. Remember to sweep 1-2 times per week and clean up spills right as they happen. Dents and scratches will occur, so we recommend sanding and refinishing your floors from time to time. This will vary depending on the type of birch chosen and the amount of wear it receives. Use area rugs in high-traffic areas of the home to better protect your floors.

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Photo Credit: Rob Marmion & Whitehoune