wool carpet overland parkHere at Floor Coverings International Kansas City West, we know that carpet is a popular flooring choice because of the unique comfort it provides. If you’re looking for maximum softness and warmth, then look no further than wool carpet. This natural fiber provides superior insulating properties unmatched by any synthetic carpet. Read below to find out if wool is right for your Overland Park home!

What is Wool Carpet?

Most people associate wool with a cozy winter sweater, but its coziness is what makes it a wonderful material for carpet as well! Wool is made from the hair of sheep, and it is primarily used to make clothes, carpet, and blankets. Wool grows in an elastic and crimped fashion, which makes it great at trapping and maintaining a room’s internal temperature. What better way to stay warm during those cold Kansas nights than with a warm wool rug or carpet?

Durability of Wool Carpet

One main concern that homeowners have about going with a natural carpet fiber instead of a synthetic fiber is durability. Unlike some plant-based carpet fibers, however, wool is naturally very strong. In fact, it is more durable than some synthetic fibers, as it is highly resistant to crushing, crimping, and pilling.

Despite this, wool carpet is known to shed. However, the pile type of your carpet will have a big impact on its durability. Long, cut-looped fiber carpets like shag or frieze will be more prone to wear and tear than short, looped-pile carpets like Berber. Ultimately, with the proper care, a wool carpet can last for decades.

Water and Stain Resistance

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As with any carpet, wool can be treated with stain protectant before being installed in the home. Even so, wool is already naturally more resistant to stains than most synthetic fibers. Since it is a hair, wool consists of a shingle-like cellular structure, which readily flakes away dirt and grime, making this carpet easy to clean. However, these shingles easily trap moisture, making wool prone to mold and mildew. Only install wool carpet in dry areas to avoid damage.

Benefits of Wool Carpeting

  • Wool is a sustainable resource. Sheep’s hair is both biodegradable and renewable. This is great for homeowners who prefer to install environmentally friendly flooring in their home.
  • As an insulator, wool will help you to cut back on heating costs. This also makes it incredibly comfortable underfoot year round.
  • Like all other types of carpet, wool is available in a variety of different colors, patterns, and textures. This allows you to truly customize your home!

Wool Carpeting Considerations

  • Due to its high quality, wool is one of the pricier carpet options.
  • Wool carpet absorbs moisture easily and is prone to water damage.

Get Started in Overland Park Today

Wool is a luxurious carpet option that any Overland Park homeowner could benefit from, whether in the form of a rug or wall-to-wall carpeting. Contact Floor Coverings International Kansas City West today to schedule your free, in-home design consultation and we’ll help you choose the perfect carpet solution for your Overland Park home. We proudly serve Overland Park, Shawnee, Lenexa, Prairie Village and surrounding areas.

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